Level of Acceptability of Parmigiana Fish Bites


  • Richard Dela Cruz
  • Rachel Ann Domanais
  • Sophia Nicole Solibar
  • Joey Batchicha
  • Aisa Ebrahim
  • Rocky Tamagos
  • Andrea Deniese Salazar
  • Paul Vincent Quinto


parmigiana fish bites


Parmigiana is a baked Southern Italian dish that is made with a shallow-fried sliced filling with cheese and tomato sauce on top. The eggplant version is the earliest variation of parmigiana. Other kinds made with breaded meat cutlets, such as veal and chicken parmigiana, are popular in other countries, usually in areas with many Italian immigrants. Chicken is a type of domesticated fowl and a subspecies of the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). Chicken is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a total population of more than 19 billion as of 2011. The researchers choose parmigiana fish bites because people do not like fish nowadays because of its bones. Our fish is boneless because the researcher believe that fish is more when deboned. Experimental research is any research that conducted with a scientific approach, where a set of variables are kept constant, while the other set of variables are being measured as the subject of experiment. The instrument used is a survey questionnaire. In this study, the survey questionnaire used by the researcher is a checklist-type questionnaire that is used to achieve the main objective of the study. Simple random sampling is a basic sampling technique where we select a group of subjects (a sample) for study from a larger group (a population). The results show that the student respondents agree with 3.95%, and they got a verbal interpretation that strongly agree with the products’ overall weighted mean. Meanwhile, the teacher respondents agree with 3.96%, or the teacher respondents also obtained a verbal interpretation of strongly agree with the products’ overall weighted mean. The results show no significant difference among the two groups. Our respondents suggest adding a sauce such as hot sauce, barbeque sauce, or sweet n’ sour sauce. Our respondents also said that it is better to put our product in on a box, and we can use grated cheese to coat a fish. It is better to use rice flour and some leaves such as malunggay and oregano leaves.



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