Acceptability of Malunggay Siopao in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Ma Catherine Pescador
  • Fatima Murial
  • Francis Aguja
  • Castaneda Lodina
  • Mark Christian Pena
  • Melson Orbiso
  • Paul Vincent Quinto


malunggay siopao


Humans love to eat and keep their bodies healthy. Many products in restaurants and supermarkets can provide food for everyone. This project aims to produce a new experimental way of food that has many benefits to our bodies. Siopao is commonly known as Baozi or steamed bun and came from China. After many years, several researchers and developers made several variations of siopao. The researchers of this study created a new innovative siopao variation called malunggay siopao, which is a flavorful and healthier siopao that can help maintain our diet and give us vitamins from malunggay. This study used the a descriptive research method, which is descriptive research that describes the population, situation, or phenomenon. This method can also be used as a wide variety of quantitative methods and variables. This is used as a tool to gain more information data this research used a random sampling method in choosing the respondents of this study this study used a questionnaire as the instrument to gather information. The researchers would like to know if their innovative product will pass the taste expectation from the respondents of 50 HE students and 10 HE teachers from Bestlink College of the Philippines. The researchers divided the questionnaire into five different sections that are chosen with the equivalent of 50 students for each chosen section. The researchers used a simple random sampling technique from the students of the HE department. The result of this study showed that the researchers learned more knowledge on how to be creative on such things. This result showed that this product is better than the original siopao because it contains more vitamins due to fresh malunggay leaves. The results of the survey showed that having free taste will help the respondents to identify what is good or what is not. The survey questionnaires should be distributed to the chosen respondents The results also showed no significant difference between the assessment of the teachers and students in terms of the products’ taste, aroma, nutritional value, and presentation. The respondents recommended that the researchers should make the filling more flavorful, make the dough softer, and add more aroma to the product.



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Pescador, M. C. ., Murial, F. ., Aguja, F. ., Lodina, C. ., Pena, M. C. ., Orbiso, M. ., & Quinto, P. V. . (2020). Acceptability of Malunggay Siopao in Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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