Development of MCU-Based Fish Feeder with SMS notification


  • Kelvin Dannico Divino
  • Christian Eleazar Caspe
  • Christian Dickson Bagacay
  • Jaypee Mingoy
  • Mike Precillas
  • Ralph Jake Pagaduan


Ardiono Uno, ultrasonic sensor, stepper motor, GSM module


A MCU-based fish feeder with SMS notification is a microcontroller device that is run by Arduino Uno. The fish feeder was designed ergonomically and is a user-friendly device that can help fish farmers with its versatile and functional features. A MCU-based fish feeder with SMS notification has a scheduling system to help the fish farmers feed the fish at a specific time. The device is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to notify the user if the fish pellets are at a critical point and would send data to the GSM module to notify the user via SMS message to restock fish pellets. The device power source was controlled by a sealed rechargeable battery, and the device is electrically supplied by a solar panel. Lastly, it can distribute 1 kg food pellets in 43 s. The mechanism of the device was prototyped by an auger together with a stepper down motor for dispensing feeds from the hopper storage to the centrifugal blower that would throw the pellets to the fishpond for approximately 23–25 ft. long-range and can occupy 60 sq areas of the fishpond.Keywords: 



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Divino, K. D. ., Caspe, C. E. ., Bagacay, C. D. ., Mingoy, J. ., Precillas, M. ., & Pagaduan, R. J. . (2020). Development of MCU-Based Fish Feeder with SMS notification. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from