Benefits of Recyclable Waterproof Hat in Grade 12 Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y. 2019–2020


  • Kenji Arai
  • Angelika Niña Gomez
  • Mary Jane Endaya
  • Mhelrose Zarcilla
  • Kimberly Joyce Borja Embile


recycle waterproof hat, student’s health, students’ expenses


Bad weather is one of the common problems in our society. When it is raining outside, we stay inside because we can have diseases, especially headaches, and contact bacteria. Hence, we also buy expensive hats to protect our heads. However, food wrappers can help us from being drenched in rain. The method used in this study was qualitative. We also used descriptive research design. This study focused on the benefits of a recyclable waterproof hat in Grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) students of Bestlink College of the Philippines. The results of the study revealed the benefits of using a waterproof cap to avoid getting wet while raining, as follows. In terms of (1) students’ health, a waterproof cap can help students to avoid getting sick and cold, prevent contacting serious illnesses, and protect scalp and hair from any element). In terms of (2) students’ expenses, the waterproof cap is recyclable; hence, wearing it can save the students’ money because they do not need to buy expensive caps. Students can also sell this waterproof cap to earn money. In terms of (3) students’ innovation, the younger generation can become interested because it can be made even inside the classroom since food wrappers and cartons can also be seen in trash cans or cubicles. To maintain the effectiveness of the waterproof cap, we proposed this study to the Strandhead of ABM. Waterproof hats can help the students and the school to reduce the waste in facilities and rooms. Waterproof caps were created to reduce waste in the school or facilities and protect the students’ and teachers’ health. Waterproof hats can help the administrators to teach the students how waste can help save the environment and protect their health.



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Arai, K. ., Gomez, A. N. ., Endaya, M. J. ., Zarcilla, M. ., & Embile, K. J. B. . (2020). Benefits of Recyclable Waterproof Hat in Grade 12 Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y. 2019–2020. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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