Conducting Business Plan Tutorial among Grade 12 ABM Strand Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Jayson Yamat
  • Johnryan Gernale
  • Ellah Galicio
  • Dimple Montealto
  • Nicole Caballero
  • Kimberly Joyce Borja Embile


criticism, discrimination, business plan


In recent years, the students of Bestlink College of the Philippines are facing one of the major problems, that is, making a business plan. A business plan is a written document regarding a business goal, objectives, and strategies. A business plan provides a path where the main objective is to be successful. “Although no one’s going to force you to draw up a business plan, having one is always going to improve your chances of reaching the goals you set for yourself.” The presurvey showed that 6 out of 10 students cannot make a business plan. They say that a business plan is similar to a research paper; it has chapters to follow and requires a defense. The study used the descriptive method to describe the nature of a study by using survey questionnaires to gather accurate information about the topic that the researchers investigated. This study presented the improvements of the students in conducting a business plan tutorial. This research sought to improve the students by conducting a business plan tutorial in terms of planning a business, business mindset, and academic performance, specifically to students. The following are the important findings of the study. In terms of students’ interest, the respondents agreed that having an interest in the subject may affect making a business plan. The total average weighted mean in terms of the teacher’s specialization was 3.94, which agreed that the teacher should have graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Business Administration or must have a business-related course. The study revealed that lacking knowledge of creating a business plan or lack of confidence is the main reason why students have a low performance inside the classroom. It also affects one’s personal communication with others because they received criticism or discrimination from their parents or even their family members.



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Yamat, J. ., Gernale, J. ., Galicio, E. ., Montealto, D. ., Caballero, N. ., & Embile, K. J. B. . (2020). Conducting Business Plan Tutorial among Grade 12 ABM Strand Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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