Proposed Office Procedure for College Registrar of Educational Institution


  • Rosheild Lei Magsoling
  • Rachel Ann Cahilig
  • Fremarie Dacumos
  • Jessica Ferrer
  • Lou Frans Louise Pineda
  • Rommel Constantino, MSIT


college registrar, shifting, adding, changing, request, submission


Office procedure contributes to the high production rate of the company. Thus, this research aims to develop the accuracy and consistency of systematic and disciplined departments, specifically in the College Registrar of Bestlink College of the Philippines. This department has one of the most crucial roles in an organization. The researchers focused on improving the office procedures inside the registrar. Qualitative analysis, observations, interviews, and surveys among the respondents, particularly to the Assistant Head Registrar, Record Officers, teachers, and students, were used to collect necessary data. With the necessary information collected through the said methods, the researchers determined the following. In terms of changing and adding subject processes, the student cannot change or add the desired subject because of the new curriculum. If students add or change the subject from the old curriculum, then they arenot allowed to process it. In terms of the shifting course process, the researcher found out that several students can easily shift courses without further concern to the department. The problem of the students is the required average of grades from the courses that they desired to take, such as BSCRIM and BSED/BEED. Graduates are also processing their diploma and transcript of records without knowing that they have a remaining balance to pay. Lastly, the researchers observed that in the submission of the faculty, several teachers are late to submit the grades, which affects the enrolment process of the students. Because of these challenges, the researchers proposed enhancing the verification of the subjects of the student if any deficiency is present in adding/changing the subject. In terms of the shifting procedure, the screening process of students was improved, and the researchers interviewed the guidance office to know the specific reason why the student is shifting; it was proposed due to the willingness of several students to shift courses. Then, the researchers proposed that before giving an application, students must attend the announcement of requirements for graduating students to complete them before the registrar/record staffs allow a student to get application forms for graduation. In applying, there must be a policy of on-time submission to avoid unnecessary deals. The researchers also proposed to double-check the grades before uploading. Lastly, the researchers recommended that changes and enhancement must be considered for the procedure to work properly and fix some of the malfunctions occurring inside the department, thereby maximizing the usefulness of the mission and vision.



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