Proposed Office Procedure for the Library Department of Educational Institution


  • Queen Joy Dano
  • Jenelyn Cadiz
  • Jhesserene De Ramos
  • Helen Grace Ducusin
  • Camile Quitola
  • Rommel Constantino, MSIT




A library is a collection of sources of information with books and other materials as references. It offers free access to people with a vast source of information that they cannot often find anywhere else. Library enhances one’s knowledge and develops reading and study habits. The purpose of this study was to have a smooth process and prevent difficulties with the procedure implemented. The researchers made multiple methods to understand the real situation inside the library. In addition to observation, the researchers also interviewed the library director and staff to familiarize themselves with the services offered in the library. The use of books related to the given department (library) as a source of information is also one of the methods used by the researchers. The researchers proposed solutions and improvements to the following process of the library department to be more effective and convenient for users and employees. The process will help the student in using the library and can build their skills. The primary purpose of this study was to improve the services offered by the library department. The results showed that library staff and students are experiencing difficulties with the process, thereby wasting time. Knowing the rules and regulations implemented by the library must be known by the users to become more responsible and disciplined. The researchers attempted to make a solution to improve the services and make them simpler but effective.



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Dano, Q. J. ., Cadiz, J. ., De Ramos, J. ., Ducusin, H. G. ., Quitola, C. ., & Constantino, MSIT, R. . (2020). Proposed Office Procedure for the Library Department of Educational Institution. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from