Service Management System Payroll


  • Marjone Villegas
  • Vhon Uziel Mabaquiao
  • Hazel Tenedero
  • Waheda Adoma
  • John Vincent Olangco
  • Jorge Lucero




The proposed system was designed to organize all the tasks of the employee salary tying up with companies and the filling of employee’s taxes. The payroll system currently faces some issues such as ineffective time records and untimely payroll processing. The said issue was discussed and given helpful solutions. Through agile scrum methodology, the development team conducted all the necessary tasks to satisfy the needs and wants of the product owner for the development of the proposed system. Through this methodology, the whole project was divided into sprints that should be accomplished based on the given time frame. The conducted research by the development team provided the product owner a more efficient and accurate data regarding wages and taxes. The system also provides records of hours worked by the employees accurately. It can also monitor and collect employees’ attendance data easily. This system can also monitor and calculate government contributions and taxes. The proposed system by the development team mainly focuses on taxes and deductions from the company, providing accurate information about employee wages, benefits, and incentives. The system accurately provides the hours of work by the employees by getting data automatically directly from HR and quickly collecting 100% of the data, which can save time and effort. The system automatically calculates and adds deductions and taxes to save time. It can also print and record data and reports for future purposes.



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Villegas, M. ., Mabaquiao, V. U. ., Tenedero, H. ., Adoma, W. ., Olangco, J. V. ., & Lucero, J. . (2020). Service Management System Payroll. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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