Service Management System


  • Rosemarie Marinda
  • Leomar Gorimo
  • Mark Louie Llamas
  • Philip Molina
  • Ricky Sanguer
  • Jorge Lucero


service management, agency, sunlight manpower


Nowadays, the growth of technology is extremely fast. It has a considerable impact on the field of industry, community, and the growth of the economy. The service management system (SMS) is a dynamic mechanism that may be fully or partially automated or manual and used in service management by a service provider to direct and control resources, activities, and services and achieve and sustainably maintain the desired state of providing value to stakeholders in the form of services over time and through changes to stakeholder needs and what technology makes possible. A SMS is a process that manages new applicants of the company. The Sunlight Manpower Agency implements hire applicants in low positions, such as waiter, room attendant, and security guard. The agency will fulfill the applicant’s requirements, job qualification description, and training. The system shows how easy the job is to make the system of Sunlight Manpower Agency work properly. The method used was agile. This method was for the short item development process. This method includes requirement analysis, design document and prototype iteration, demo and feedback, identify defects and resolve production, and technical support to support system development. This project provided Sunlight Manpower Agency with a system to give a fair chance for job seekers. This system was built to make it easy for job seekers to apply and find a job that fits them easily. The outcome of this project was connected to HR Department. The HR admin can access all the processes inside the system, and the HR staff has limited access to the system. This system must have a log-in feature for data privacy. Future researchers will benefit from this study because it can provide significant information that will help them obtain knowledge about the service management system. The researchers proposed to have a fast automated process transaction in the service management system. This study discussed the process of hiring an applicant to be an employee of the company.



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Marinda, R. ., Gorimo, L. ., Llamas, M. L. ., Molina, P. ., Sanguer, R. ., & Lucero, J. . (2020). Service Management System. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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