Food and Beverage Costing System


  • Kyle Gaviola
  • Jose Gerry Acevedo
  • Arwel Jay Taglocop
  • Jerome Abarra
  • Cristine Joy Sevilleno
  • Jorge Lucero


food beverage costing system


In this study, the proponents were devoted to the basic concepts of costs and sales and their variations and uses. The researchers examined the concept of control, what it exactly means, and what are the many ways we institute Seville no Agile Methodology. The researchers became punctual as a team. The developers were given a specific time to accomplish the given task of the project. Every member of the team was assigned to do a given task within the set deadline and analyzed the process of each method. The conducted research by the development team is a significant priority for any food and beverage operation. By using technology to manage labor, inventory, and loss, operators can increase efficiency while reducing the manual effort needed to achieve maximum control, thereby freeing that time for other priorities. The proponents successfully created a reliable system that can calculate all the expenses and costs of a product that can reduce manual calculations. Many restaurant owners or companies use advanced system software that can help in managing the stock operation of the company. To offset labor costs, two-thirds of independent operators reported raising menu prices, thereby directly impacting the guest’s experience. This proposed system focused on managing the production of food and beverage pricing and determining revenue and expense that will help to secure the data process.



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Gaviola, K. ., Acevedo, J. G. ., Taglocop, A. J. ., Abarra, J. ., Sevilleno, C. J. ., & Lucero, J. . (2020). Food and Beverage Costing System. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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