Proposed Scheduling System for Plasmac Manufacturing


  • Jonas Pineda
  • Maeji Anne Dela Cruz
  • Jessica Moena
  • Rose Anne Baluyot
  • Regine Duerme
  • Engr. Joel Cajipe


improved schedule system, computerized scheduling system


A scheduling system is a computerized system wherein the clients have to record the attendance of the employee, generate the schedule, and monitor the schedule of the employee. This project was conducted to solve the problem of a client regarding scheduling, monitoring, and organizing the scheduling process. The researchers will have found a client/company, that is, the Plus Mac Company, and researchers will have a transaction to the company to ask for permission for developing a computerized scheduling system. The client said that the manual scheduling system loses the scheduling records and schedule monitoring. The researchers observed and analyzed the process of the company regarding the manual scheduling system. After planning, the researchers listed objectives on how to solve the problem by using a computerized scheduling system and deliverables on how to deliver the researchers’ objectives. After the analysis, the researchers designed the computerized scheduling system. The system analyst of the group created a design for the system, such as the layout, flow chart for the flow of the system, ERD for the scheduling process, and UML to determine the relationship between the employee and company. After all the designs and flows for the system, the programmer created a blueprint on how to develop a fully developed scheduling system. The researchers proceeded to test whether the form of the system is working. Successfully, all forms were working. The researchers went to the company and implemented the new computerized scheduling system and gave an orientation on the proper usage of the system. The researchers also provided a manual to know the rules and regulations of using the scheduling system. The researchers’ scheduling system is successful. The researchers achieved the goal of the system. The objectives were also delivered to the computerized system. The scheduling system is one of the most important systems for the company that is using a manual system. However, using a manual system in processes such as daily time record is not the certain cause of the problems in the company. However, eventually, the company will also need to develop its system to achieve the good flow of the company, especially for the employees.



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Pineda, J. ., Dela Cruz, M. A. ., Moena, J. ., Baluyot, R. A. ., Duerme, R. ., & Cajipe, E. J. . (2020). Proposed Scheduling System for Plasmac Manufacturing. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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