Computerized Payslip for Eldefonso General Merchandise


  • Veejay Armario
  • Roldan Palaña
  • Estephanie Kim Espina
  • John Mark Javier
  • Mark Angelo Gajardo
  • Alejandro Adovas


computerized, system development, payslip, Eldefonso General Merchandise


A computerized system is a computerize-based program that is used for various purposes. This study will focus on the development of a computerized payslip for the salary computation for the employee of Eldefonso General Merchandise. Eldefonso General Merchandise has 20 employees, and the owner’s name is Mr. Eldefonso Magaru. The business started in 2009 up to the present. Eldefonso General Merchandise business is a soft drink merchandising that supplies and delivers soft drinks. The researchers chose Eldefonso General Merchandise as a client because it currently uses the manual system and experiences problems. The researchers used the systems development life cycle (SDLC) waterfall model to develop a computerized system for Eldefonso General Merchandise. SDLC waterfall model was chosen by the researchers because it has different stages that will help the researchers organize the task. Then, the researchers also interviewed the Eldefonso General Merchandise personnel who is responsible for salary computation. The researchers also used observation to gather data on the Eldefonso General Merchandise. Through their system, the Eldefonso General Merchandise personnel who computes employee salary and produce payslip will have an easier job. The computerized payslip reduced the time and the tasks needed to perform to generate salary computation and record the pay record. Eldefonso General Merchandise business process implemented the computerized payslip well, and salary computation became more accurate. Recording deductions and tardiness also became easier. The computerized payslip secures the business process of the Eldefonso General Merchandise, including pay records, employee information, the income of the Eldefonso General Merchandise, and the expenses of the company, which became more secured using the computerized payslip system proposed by the researchers. After the implementation, the computerized system performed better than the manual system. The tasks needed to do decreased, and computation became more accurate because of the computerized system proposed by the researchers. Future researchers may expand the system to a payroll system to enhance the capacity of the computerized system.



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Armario, V. ., Palaña, R. ., Espina, E. K. ., Javier, J. M. ., Gajardo, M. A. ., & Adovas, A. . (2020). Computerized Payslip for Eldefonso General Merchandise. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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