Library Management System for Quezon City Public Library


  • Daryl Tampipi
  • Erwin Alfonso
  • Cabiling Joel
  • Pablo Jeick
  • Valencia Marvin
  • Glenox Luzong


library management system for Quezon City public library, Quezon City Public Library


Technology is a body of knowledge that is devoted to creating tools, processing actions, and extracting materials. Researchers apply technology in almost everything in our daily lives. In particular, in work, technology helps us to make their work easy and fast. Many businesses are computerized and run by technologies. The researchers saw that the manual library system is slow in transacting books. They can lose the all data in their manual record. Thus, the researcher decided to computerized the library system for easy transactions and to avoid losing all data in the system. This system makes the librarian works faster than usual because the librarian will know if it is there is a book or they do not have the book that a person wants to borrow. The librarian will know if there is a book that will return for this day because the librarian will see at the system if there is a student that borrows a book and when the book will be returned. The project manager discussed the topic to members and gave a task to each member to make this project successful. The researchers, especially the lead programmer, made a design of the whole system to have a security system for the client to secure their information. The design of the system depended on the client’s suggestion. The system is also user-friendly because this is easy to understand. The researchers prepared the needed equipment and interviewed the librarian on how they manage manual management and keep the computerized library system safe. The developed software was tested for potential errors and bugs, and the system was put into service. Maintenance also involved fixing errors and the system. The researchers successfully developed the computerized library system, which may be useful in the library with a secure, accessible, accurate, and user-friendly system. The manual library system of Quezon City Public Library was directly replaced with a computerized library system. The researchers conducted a survey and interviewed to gather data to determine what are the problems that should be solved and the things that should be improved or fixed. The researchers observed that the manual library system of Quezon City Public Library has many problems. The researcher decided to give the user-friendly computerized system to Quezon City Public Library.



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Tampipi, D. ., Alfonso, E. ., Joel, C. ., Jeick, P. ., Marvin, V. ., & Luzong, G. . (2020). Library Management System for Quezon City Public Library. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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