Proposed Student Information System for Heuin Dol World Mission Christian Academy


  • Juan Russel Dar
  • Ericka Obguia
  • Jeoffrey Peruda
  • Carlo Ausan
  • Rico Casimiro
  • John Paul Abano
  • Glenox Luzong




A student information system is an integral part of this technology. This student information system handles every aspect of student data from admission, class schedules, subject enrolled by the student, overall student performance, and personal information of the student. All these elements are integrated into a single database. Accessing and tracking data of any student happen with a click of the mouse. The client has encountered many problems including slow tracking of students’ information. Students’ information, such as payment details of accounts, is not recorded or hard to identify. Unorganized student information files also add to the school’s problems. Creating a computerized system will help the school to have a convenient and efficient system that will offer a solution to its problems. In this research, a Water Fall model, which consists of seven phases, namely, planning (where we brainstorm ideas about our project system and our target client), analysis (wherein we plan and gather information about how the system works and how will we design the system and then we develop a plan that we will execute), system design (in this phase, we start making and designing the GUI of the system, the database tables, and links the system to it), implementation (wherein we conduct the dry run of the system), testing (where we run the program and test its functionalities and note for possible errors), deployment (where we will turn over the system to the client), and maintenance (where we maintain the system). Based on the interview and data gathering, the proponents developed the following deliverables: (1) login, which is used to collect the accounts information of the user, (2) admin main page, which allows the user to access the admin features easily, and (3) student page, which allows for the easy access of students features such as searching for student information. The use of a computerized student information system will be an efficient and convenient way to manage and view students’ information. The system will lessen the errors that have been encountered by the users, create an effective way to manage searching; create a faster way to search; and make sure that it is correct, free of error, and on time. Upgrading and innovating are the key factors for the most efficient and convenient system.



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Dar, J. R. ., Obguia, E. ., Peruda, J. ., Ausan, C. ., Casimiro, R. ., Abano, J. P. ., & Luzong, G. . (2020). Proposed Student Information System for Heuin Dol World Mission Christian Academy. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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