Proposed Payroll Management System for KPCG Computer Trading


  • Raymond Palomares
  • Arian Mae Tagupa
  • Danielle Jade Rosero
  • Angelina Zamora
  • Jenny Rose Gomez
  • Glenox Luzong


KPCG, payroll system, payroll management


Coping with the world’s advancement, technology began to shape and affect our everyday life. Most businesses use computers to lessen the time need to do work and make things done easier without requiring more effort. KPCG Computer Trading is a computer shop that provides and sells good quality computers. Payroll includes computation, and KPCG uses a manual system for all that needs to be computed. Hence, KPCG Computer Trading encounters problems such as error and miscalculations in computations of salary and misclassification of employees. The KPCG payroll system in old tradition or manual process calls for innovation and changes to address the problems stated above. By analyzing and examining this problem, the proponents decided to make a payroll system that will address the problems and offer solutions. In this research project, a waterfall model was used. It consists of the following seven phases. In the planning phase, we brainstormed ideas about our project system and our target client. In the analysis stage, we planned and gathered information about how the system works, how will we design the system, and develop a plan that we execute. In the system design stage, we started making and designing the GUI of the system and database tables and links the system to it. In the implementation stage, we conducted the dry run of the system. In the testing stage, we run the program, tested its functionalities, and noted possible errors. In the deployment stage, we turned over the system to the client. In the maintenance stage, we maintained the system’s condition. The proponents developed the following deliverables: (1) login form, which is used to collect the information of the user; (2) dashboard or main form, which helps the user to manage directions to the system features for navigation and easy access; (3) attendance, which is where the user can view the employee’s attendance; and (4) modify payslip, which includes computation and deductions of salaries and the printing of the payslip. The computerized payroll management system creates an efficient and convenient way to manage the employee’s salaries. The system will lessen the errors that have been encountered by the users and create an effective way to manage miscalculations, handle payroll records, create a faster way to receive a salary, and make sure that it is correct, free of error, and on time. Upgrading and innovating are the key factors for the most efficient and convenient system.



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Palomares, R. ., Tagupa, A. M. ., Rosero, D. J. ., Zamora, A. ., Gomez, J. R. ., & Luzong, G. . (2020). Proposed Payroll Management System for KPCG Computer Trading. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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