School Management System - Property Custodian

Vol.4, No.1


  • Jessa Espana Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joshua Soriano Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joshua Michael Deboblas Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Belnard Saliva Bestlink College of the Philippines


IT & Management


The objective of this system is to provide and improve the transaction of their asset to manage
them and record them on the inventory. The Web-based system will have data that need
improvement for performance to save and cost time. This system can manage and record the
asset for the transaction of the property custodian from request to delivery. The web-based
system has good project planning for property custodians, and it will help them to improve
their workloads and have good transactions through the system, unlike the manual writing of
information and transactions. It can help an employee to take care of transactions immediately
in real-time, such as approving assets that are needed. This system has security for
transactions and the confirmation of users who will use this system.

The Web-based Property Custodian System can manage and record the assets of the
transaction. Admin can access the account, update the asset quantity, and it can view the list
of the assets. The development of the Web-based system using an agile method and some
other web development languages using HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, and SQL (database)
by deploying into the domain and hosting. The development design is for the friendly user so
that it won’t be difficult to use anymore. The users can be used by CRUD on the asset, and it
can view the asset list. The login can be authenticated in 3 attempts and secure by using OTP

The system has different modules like a login page, M.R.O., dashboard, etc. These modules
are tested by the team developer. All the modules that are on the Web-based Property
Custodian system will be tested in a fully functional system. The web-based School
Management System - Property Custodian is deployed by using the domain hosting which will
be used for this network implementation are those Windows Server 2019 using some
hardware of switch, router, computer, and printer with security that already built-in firewall,
access control, and intrusion prevention system.



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