Inventory System for Zonan Construction Supply


  • Levi Matudan
  • Vanessa Caronan
  • Michael Angelo Parongan
  • Vivian Salvador
  • Randolph Louie Estrada
  • Roque Almojuela
  • Christian Jerome Espeña


inventory system,Zonan Construction supply


The inventory system for Zonan Construction Supply specializes in monitoring and recording data. It contains detailed information about the stocks and location. Its purpose is to keep an accurate report for all information needed. Having an inventory system will make the business more accurate and efficient for the owner of the business. The problem of the client was noticing the disappearance of product, insecurity of data, unsecured data (can be easily accessed in a logbook), and difficulty in creating a report (it is time-consuming). The goal of this research was to make an inventory system and ease the work of the researcher’s client. The researcher used the systems development life cycle. In the planning stage, we gathered all the information needed for the project by using the SMART approach. In the analysis stage, we analyzed the business process of the client. In the design stage, we used various system design tools, such as flow chart, ERD, and use case. In the development stage, we started making all the deliverables through coding. In the testing stage, we tested the process of the system and ensured that the system is fully functional. In the implementation stage, we handed the system to the client through the installation of hardware and software. In the maintenance stage, we maintained the system and made changes to the system by updating it if necessary. The researchers developed the following deliverables: security features (has login form). The admin will enter its specific account, and the system allows up to three attempts; if the admin has reached three wrong attempts, then the system will be terminated. The system also has a forgot password option, where the user can modify the password that is forgotten. In the registration form, only the admin can add a user or another admin for the system. The main form has five modules. The home module contains the account setting, where the admin can monitor, add, or modify an account. Help and contact us are only to remind the controls of the system. Product, supplier, order, delivery, and return modules have the same functions. In monitoring, adding information about one’s entities, updating, searching, and printing. The inventory system focuses on monitoring and recording the data of the business, and it exports a report. It lessens the time needed for searching for information about the product. This system notifies the admin of having an outage of some products. The system cannot be easily breached by people who are not authorized to use it. The system can easily add and update information about the product and for a recommendation. Innovating a system is the key factor for a convenient and efficient business process.



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Matudan, L. ., Caronan, V. ., Parongan, M. A. ., Salvador, V. ., Estrada, R. L. ., Almojuela, R. ., & Espeña, C. J. . (2020). Inventory System for Zonan Construction Supply. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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