Supply Management System


  • Josue Olavides
  • Babyjane Jucutan
  • Jerome Bolivar
  • Mike Joshua Pahamutang
  • Erwin Concepcion


agile methodology, core, constraints, sprint, scrum, constraints


The hotel and restaurant industry has challenges, and current trends in tourism, recreation, restaurants, food service, lodging, resorts, spas, special events, conventions, travel, casinos, cruise lines, airlines, and theme parks arose. Supply resource makes up the main force of the company. Hence, the researchers developed a highly efficient supply management system. This study focused on the Core Transaction II. Supply management is the system of supply products that is responsible for the handling of services and supplies, implementing a system that will avoid human error and ensure the high standard of products. This project provided supply information that can be used by hotels and restaurants to make their job easy. A module through one database is the most important distinction of this system from individual proprietarily developed by predecessors, which makes this system rigid and flexible. The developers solved the issue they provided accurately by creating a user-friendly system that can be accessed by users. The method used was agile. This method is used for the short-term development process. This method includes requirement analysis, design document and prototype, iteration, demo and feedback, identify defects and resolve bugs, and production and technical support, to develop the proposed system. The users can easily track requests that can generate and connect to other departments for their needed transactions and information. The researchers followed the methodology and found the importance of having a modernized system for hotel and restaurant companies, which is faster and more convenient and can help the hospitality industry in achieving their goals. Future researchers can develop a new system that can solve all the problems encountered by the researchers in the existing system. The supply management system aimed to develop an appropriate system that is easy to use and improve transactions. This system can be used by the hospitality industry to develop and upgrade the existing system, which focuses on improving the quality of services to their client for a better result.



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Olavides, J. ., Jucutan, B. ., Bolivar, J. ., Pahamutang, M. J. ., & Concepcion, E. . (2020). Supply Management System. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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