Hotel Billing Management System


  • Jiro Pantila
  • Jonathan Allen Vicenio
  • Prince Nonatus Padua
  • Bon Jovi Salvatierra
  • Patrick Fidel
  • Erwin Concepcion


agile scrum methodology, sprint, finance, flexibility, iteration, inevitable


Establishing a business may be easy in the eyes of outsiders. However, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, everything is at risk from choosing the line of business to investing necessities. This project aims to give attention to billing’s functions, design, and how to make it work. Billing will serve as an official registrar to customer’s final bills for every availed service from the hotel and restaurant. The objective of the hotel billing system was to provide the computation of the customer billing information about the hotel services offered. It is a financial accounting concept for business organizations, such as the hotel and restaurant industry, to bill customers for the service rendered. The billing report is utilized by the management to know the income generated. The company cannot avoid having problems. Hence, the developers developed a system called “hotel billing system” that will help the manager and administrator to properly process the work of the company. The developers used the agile scrum methodology, which is a project management system that relies on incremental development. Agile scrum methodology helped the scrum team in planning and implementing the system. The greatest benefit of this methodology was its flexibility. With the sprint-based model, the scrum team received feedback from stakeholders after each sprint. If there were any problem or change, then the scrum team can easily and quickly adjust product goals during a future sprint to provide more valuable iterations. After the system was developed, the system suddenly encountered an error because some of the other modules were connected to the developer’s module, especially on throwing data coming from the other modules and uploading the database. However, the scrum team collaborated, fixed it immediately, and solved it on time. The result of the methodology used by the developers helped develop the system. The developers came up with the findings and conclusions and gave recommendations to the hotel. The researchers also presented a system that can provide the computation of the customers’ billing information and billing report, which can be presented when needed. Core II Hotel Billing Management concluded that Skyline Hotel and Restaurant Management System have a great impact on hotel operation. The project had a considerable impact on the proponents because of the challenges of agile scrum methodology. Hence, the project is considered successful.



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