• Rosanna Calaguas
  • Melchor Lobete
  • Don Salvador Patingo
  • Alexander Aguilar
  • Arnel Padrogado
  • Enrico Pineda


HRMS, finance, collection, collection entries, transaction list, sales comparison


The hotel and restaurant management system is a hive of numerous operations, such as logistics, finance, and HR. With growing competition in the industry, a hotel should understand the needs of their guest, such as what gets sold most, what the guests demand the most, and what food material gets used the least, as well as results in a loss. Finance is the methodology and software that an organization used to oversee and govern its income, expenses, and assets to maximize profits and ensure sustainability. This system was designed to create, connect, store, and report different types of finance transactions. The collection is the act of receiving payment in exchange for goods or services. It occurred on the spot in a cash sale, while it occurred several weeks or even months later in a credit sale. It has also provided the financial condition of the company or a business. It has a dashboard that displays the total amount of collected sales revenue in weeks, months, quarters, and years of the company or business. The research process used by the development team was agile scrum methodology, which is a method to create a software project. It has a series of sprints in which every sprint has multiple tasks with restricted time duration to develop a functional system. There are five phases in the agile scrum method, namely, brainstorm, design, development, quality assurance, and deployment. Brainstorm is the identification of functions. In the design phase, the development team started to create a prototype for the function. In the development phase, collaboration was made to accept suggestions with the prototype that has been made. In the quality assurance phase, the scrum team and product owner discussed the function. In the deployment phase, the development team relied on the user’s feedback. The development team created four core functionalities, namely, dashboard, collection entries, transaction list, and sales comparison. These functions included the display of the total amount of sales revenue collected that can be sorted and are categorized by date and department. The development team successfully created collection department functionalities showing that data were categorized and can be sorted. Future researchers that would study topics related to this study can use this project as a reference.



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Calaguas, R. ., Lobete, M. ., Patingo, D. S. ., Aguilar, A. ., Padrogado, A. ., & Pineda, E. . (2020). Collection. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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