Hotel and Restaurant Management-Finance-Disbursement


  • Dan Angelo Geron Morales
  • Ronel Ocampo
  • Marjon Florita
  • John Ace Dela Cruz
  • Judy Ann Famisan
  • Enrico Pineda


AP/AR, Account Payable


The hotel and restaurant management covers the hospitality industry. This system includes food service, lodging tourism, and recreation. They maximized the profitability of their business by ensuring quality control and the pleasant experience of their customer. With the large coverage of the hospitality industry and its responsibilities, it needs a flexible and reliable working automated financial system. Finance is subdivided into different departments, which these departments have different functions and obligations; disbursement is one of these departments. With the rising growth of the hotel and restaurant industries, these industries have financial capabilities. The problem arises with how, which, and where does disbursement go to address these problems about payments. The agile methodology was used in this research by the development team according to the specified and requirements to finish the research. The methodology was divided into phases that had corresponding development team members that gathered essential data that is indispensable for the completion of the research. The corresponding conclusion of the research was the creation of the system that solved the relative problems corresponding to the problems encountered during the data-gathering phase. The development team also dealt with some minor technical details and gained insight into how to bring a better working system for further research. With the analysis of the data acquired from the accounting officer and those gathered by other researchers, there is a gap in information that is essential to understand how each finance facet works. The missing information about these departments led to considerable misunderstanding on the development team’s side, which caused a delay in the first phase of the creation of the said system. The finance departments were divided into different research teams to cause some problems, especially with the connection of each different module. For example, disbursement can only and would only work if the said system receives an account payable notice from AP/AR, which is under the jurisdiction of another research team. If the said system fails to send the required data necessary for disbursement to work, then disbursement will not work because data are missing in the repository of the said system.



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Morales, D. A. G. ., Ocampo, R. ., Florita, M. ., Dela Cruz, J. A. ., Famisan, J. A. ., & Pineda, E. . (2020). Hotel and Restaurant Management-Finance-Disbursement. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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