Proposed Senior High Grading System Created by Grade 12 Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Christ Boneo
  • April Joy Asonio
  • Kristine Joy Valindia
  • Angelica Buagas
  • Hilary Simporios
  • Gracelyn Licanda
  • Dev Glenox


grade computation, saving data, review data


The researcher created a system to efficiently compute all the grades of a student for our client and then to finish the work on time. Our client’s problem is that their Excel program cannot autosave all data they input in spreadsheets. Thus, we make a system for our client that can save all students’ data. To secure our system, only one person can access the account, and the system will always remember the email and password for the security of the account. In the planning stage, we found a client for the system and provided one-on-one questions to gain insight into knowing what to do and what not to do, to put the member in their work to facilitate what they do, and to study the question to make system workable. In the analysis stage, it is necessary to study or evaluate a system; thus, it can be easily put into a system and also think of techniques to put into the system and assess what may be a problem. In the design stage, if the client does not have the data, then it will create an account and be able to register. If there is an account, then the user can go straight to the system. You can put the data of each student. In the development stage, our system assisted all teachers to keep the students’ records, avoid losing these data, and make sure that our system is secure. The system is equipped with 3attemp, where you need to remember your email and password; if you forget, then your account will be locked. In the testing stage, a system will test whether or not this is an error to detect the error of the code regarding the system and display it to the client and provide good quality. In the implementation stage, our system ensures that every student’s information is secure because whatever you put in it will be reflected in the student records, and we will ensure that they will not have any difficulty in using the system. In the maintenance stage, our system ensures that the data of students from every Grade are properly compiled and each student’s information is saved; it also ensures that regardless of how many students you make the grades for, it will still be accepted by our system. The results of the system showed that computing the grades of all students became easy, and all the data about the student are secured in the database. The result demonstrated the need to enhance the current grading system by helping users in encoding and computing grades. Parallel conversion is expanding. Hence, the client will choose the current grading system or they will use the proposed system.



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Boneo, C. ., Asonio, A. J. ., Valindia, K. J. ., Buagas, A. ., Simporios, H. ., Licanda, G. ., & Glenox, D. . (2020). Proposed Senior High Grading System Created by Grade 12 Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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