Hotel and Restaurant Management: Fleet and Vehicle Management (Logistic 2)


  • Rannie Montalban
  • Angelica Arevalo
  • Matthew Zapra
  • Raymond Navarro
  • Edgar Quinones
  • Enrico Pineda


agile scrum methodology, streamlined


This study focused on the logistic transactions of hotels and restaurants to improve audit management, procurement, MRO, asset management, and fleet and vehicle management. One of the most important departments in the operation is fleet and vehicle management. Technology helps businesses to speed up their transaction internally. It can also help businesses to have a faster transaction between other businesses by using information technology with minimal manpower. Technology can also reduce the cost of operating a business. The enterprise information system is a must-have for businesses that seek faster and more efficient transactions. The proponents assumed that implementing a system would avoid human error. The proponents solved the issue by providing an accurate and user-friendly system that can be accessed by users, such as the fleet manager, fleet staff, and dispatcher, who is responsible for maintaining a smooth and efficient flow of the operation. Choosing the right methods is fundamental to obtaining accurate results. The team chose the agile scrum methodology to develop a functional system for fleet and vehicle management. The use of the agile methodology allowed the faster development cycle and transparency between the product owner and the scrum team. Every team member had an assigned task to finish, and the completed sprint should be tested before it was deployed. The proponent used unit and integration testing to determine the capability and functionality of the software. Unit testing was used to test the software per module. With the use of cloud services and an online information system, the processes of delivering items from the warehouse to the hotel were streamlined; hence, it will be easier for the employees to track deliveries and track certain items inside the deliveries. One of the problems of logistics is the tracking of goods. With the use of cloud service, any user that has access to the system and has sufficient credentials can access the system and view the information of a particular delivery or good. This chapter summarized the study by highlighting the research conducted on the topic. The conclusions given were drawn from the outcomes of the research and observations on fleet and vehicle management, which were evaluated by an Information Technology professor. Moreover, recommendations were based on the findings and conclusions of the study.



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Montalban, R. ., Arevalo, A. ., Zapra, M. ., Navarro, R. ., Quinones, E. ., & Pineda, E. . (2020). Hotel and Restaurant Management: Fleet and Vehicle Management (Logistic 2). Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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