Point-of-Sales System


  • Ryx Nagar
  • Clarenz Furagganan
  • Christine Joy Martinez
  • Shassy Mae Ricohermoso
  • Anna Jane Buena


researchers, point of sales, computerized system


Point of sales system is a computerized system that can calculate sales, add new product prices, and create a receipt form. This project was conducted to solve the problem of Khalil’s store, that is, the manual processes of sales, computation of sales, receipt form, monitoring of sales, and data security. The researchers’ objectives were to create a point of sales system that only programs to solve Khalil’s store problems regarding computation. The researchers used the systems development life cycle (SDLC) waterfall method. With the use of the SDLC waterfall method, the framework defined the tasks to be performed at each step in the software development process. The project was finished easily because the process was the waterfall, starting from planning to analyzing the problem, creating objectives, designing the system, developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining for updates. The researchers interviewed the respondents, such as recording the audio or video and taking a picture. A handwritten survey questionnaire was also used to determine the problem of Khalil’s store. The researchers determined that the problem of the Khalil’s store was using a manual process of computation of sales, monitoring of sales, data security, copy of the receipt, and manual computation of sales. The researchers made objectives to solve the problem of the Khalil’s store. After creating the objectives, the researchers developed the system. The system had a login form for data security and a sales form to locate and monitor sales history. The system can also generate a receipt and compute the accurate sales and total price of the product. The researchers’ point of sales system was successful regarding the set objectives by the researchers. The researchers created a successful computerized system. When creating the point of sales system, the researchers need to ensure what codes to input because one mistake will make the system not functional. This study will serve as a guide to future researchers. The researchers recommended the computerized point of sales system to the client for them to solve their problems regarding sales.



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