Admission Management System for Leandro V. Locsin Senior High School


  • Anchez Charles
  • Jayson Uvero
  • Kevin Ariola
  • Jhayrhom Villaflores
  • Francisco Jerome
  • Christian Jerome Espeña


admission management


Admission management system updates new information, adds new admin, adds new student, exports data, and prints table. An admission management system is a Windows software designed to help admin to maintain and organize admission by using the researchers’ proposed system. The system is handy for beginners and advanced admin. The admission management system is one of the most important pieces of evidence not only in a university but also in lower levels of education. An accurate and efficient enrollment record ensures a good impression for the institution or encourages possible enrollees to matriculate in the institution. The purpose of an admission management system process is to provide a means for the staff and faculty to write down data that are essential to enrollment. The researchers used the systems development life cycle. In the process stage, the researchers built the project and completed meaning. In the planning stage, the researchers surveyed the respondents and evaluated the client’s problem that was provided to them. In the analysis stage, the researchers analyzed the admission process of the school and important school requirements. In the design stage, the researchers used different diagrams, such as ERD, flow chart, and use case. In the development stage, the researchers applied the requirements needed for the system. In installing the system for the client, the researchers must have a duplicate copy of a file. In the testing stage, the researchers tested all the features and made sure that there are no errors left. If the system will not succeed or have a slight error, then the researchers will come back the next day to fix their system. In the implementation stage, the researchers implemented the system by installing it on their devices. In the maintenance stage, the researchers made sure to update the system if necessary. The researchers overcame the problems and achieved their goals to help Leandro V. Locsin Senior High School. The researchers developed the following deliverables. Registration is a form for adding and saving a record of a student. Sign up is a form from the admin account that saves an account for user/employee. For maintenance, the system contains features such as updating student records and exporting to Excel printing table records. In the admin settings, the user can change the password of the admin account. The login feature is for the security of the system. The admission management system provides the solution or an easy enrollment process. It will be easier if the information you provide is complete and compliant. This system will help the processes in the school to perform easier and make the information easy to access and reliable.



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Charles, A. ., Uvero, J. ., Ariola, K. ., Villaflores, J. ., Jerome, F. ., & Espeña, C. J. . (2020). Admission Management System for Leandro V. Locsin Senior High School. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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