Proposed Student Information System for Academia De Le Carre Inc.


  • Kirsten Rain Bustamante
  • Trisha Mae Burce
  • Jonel Malinao
  • Jenard Arches
  • Jefferson De Guzman
  • Allen Penaloga
  • Christian Jerome Espeña


: student information system


Student information system (SIS) is a software for education that manages students and keeps all the data of a student. The proponents proposed a system to Academia De Le Carre that has a current problem in terms of keeping the all-student data in a secure and organized file. The proposed system has a huge help to the admin, academic personnel, students, and parents in updating, retrieving, and generating the student’s data. The system can also effectively acquire, store, and retrieve the information of a student. The proponents used the systems development life cycle. First, they planned to know the process and the problem. The proponents created a questionnaire and interviewed the client to have an effective and efficient system. Second, analysis was conducted when the developer gathered the information to know the process and discuss the client system. The proponents started to analyze how the system will work according to the client’s requirements. Third, the developer created the functions of a system according to their chosen client. The developer will make a progress to the system step by step. Fourth, testing and implementation ensure that the developer will test the client’s system first if the system has a problem and need to construct from a time. After testing the system, the developer will discuss and conduct a seminar with the client or user to know how to use the system properly. Lastly, in terms of maintenance, there will be an agreement between the client and developer, which involves making changes and upgrading the stated system. The researchers developed the following deliverable: (1) Log-in Form, (2) Create Account, (3) Main menu, (5) Search Student, (6) Admin Form, (7) Manage Account, (8) Reports Builder, and (9) Drop List Form. All these deliverables can help the establishment in properly managing the student data, thereby resulting in categorized, organized, and secured information. In this project, the system focusing on keeping the information of a student in a secure way, organized, and have a soft copy of the information. The system can store and save student data. The system can also easy to locate the information needed by the student and provide a hard copy for the student. This SIS can insert and update the student information and solve the problem, thereby giving satisfaction to the client.



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Bustamante, K. R. ., Burce, T. M. ., Malinao, J. ., Arches, J. ., De Guzman, J., Penaloga, A. ., & Espeña, C. J. . (2020). Proposed Student Information System for Academia De Le Carre Inc. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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