Student Information System for King Edison Kindergarten School, Inc.


  • Darwin Joshua Porteza
  • Martino Malaga
  • Myke Ezekiel Narvasa
  • Michael Angelo Nocum
  • Jasper Bien Pereyra
  • Mark Carlo Tedria
  • Christian Jerome Espeña


SIS, student information, database, data integration, SQL, security, accurate data


The researchers proposed a system entitled Student Information System for King Edison Kindergarten School, Inc. It is located at Phase 7C Package 7, Block 48, Lot 10 Bagong Silang Caloocan City. Having an information system is important because it keeps the data up to date, reduces the risk of errors, and secures the stored data as a result of having accurate data. An information system is responsible for collecting, storing, processing, and distributing information. It also focuses on inserting, updating, and displaying the information. The client comes up with the problem of no data integration, difficulty in monitoring the students’ information, and low security. The goal of this research was to develop a student information system that will solve the client’s problems. The researchers used the systems development life cycle (SDLC) to fulfill the project. SDLC consists of seven phases. In the planning stage, the researchers used the SMART approach appropriately. In the analysis phase, the researchers studied the process of manipulating the information. In the design phase, the researchers used the Entity Relationship Diagram, flowchart, and use case analysis. In the development stage, the researchers started to develop the deliverables. In the testing stage, the researchers made trials and errors to ensure that the system is fully functional. In the implementation stage, the researchers oriented the client on how to operate the system. Maintenance is the last phase wherein the researchers updated the system to be more functional. The researchers developed the following deliverables: RDBMS (helps data integration); security features including login form (the gateway for the administrator to the system and secures data from unauthorized access) and change password (allows the administrator to change his or her password and allows three attempts; if this attempt has been reached, then the system will freeze), register features (allows the administrator to add a new account if needed), and monitoring requirement features (identifies the students that passed and not yet passed school requirements and the main form where the administrator can add, search, update, and print the information). The search engine allows the administrator to search entities. The student information system is an integrated set of components for processing the information. The data are organized and stored in the database to make it more accurate and secure. The system can easily add the student information, update, search, and print the report when needed.



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Porteza, D. J. ., Malaga, M. ., Narvasa, M. E. ., Nocum, M. A. ., Pereyra, J. B. ., Tedria, M. C. ., & Espeña, C. J. . (2020). Student Information System for King Edison Kindergarten School, Inc. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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