Proposed Student Information System for Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Binz Salman Ampatuan
  • Danielle Amoguis
  • Jandave Herminigildo
  • Nathaniel James Millare
  • Hazel Pades
  • Joel Raymundo Cajipe


ease of access system, organize system


The researchers made a system entitled “student information system” (SIS), which provides ease of access to the user. It makes it easier for the registrar’s office to retrieve information and make transactions for the students. The system improves the traditional manual process. Most universities switch to the SIS in the registrar’s office because of its effectiveness to acquire, process, store, and retrieve information by their files. Moreover, the system is accessible to the registrar’s administrator in Bestlink College of the Philippines. The proposed SIS would be a new way of record management and transaction process that would achieve efficiency in processing student’s information. This system would be a great help to the administrative personnel in the registrar officer that is in charge of updating, retrieving, and generating student’s data. The proponents interviewed the client to know how SIS functions, specify the problem that they encounter, and provide a solution to the given problems. The proponents used different instruments to gather relevant data for the development of the SIS. The instruments used were interviews, research, and reading an example project. The proponents planned as a team to address the problems that they need to solve. The researchers studied the process of every transaction and business hours. If anyone has an opinion or suggestion, then the programmer can use the information that has been studied, and the researchers can find the source code and conduct an advanced study. The result had to accept the process and generate reports of the student accurately. This system provided all the critical information on a single platform. This system will resolve the time-consuming problems, such as the processes of data retrieval and monitoring. The researchers developed the following deliverables: (1) log-in form, which is for the administrator who controls the overall system; (2) log-in attempt, which can manipulate and secure the system; (3) main form, which can find or track the student’s data in a single platform; (4) add student, which can input all the information of the registered student; (5) search student, which can search all the students that already registered; (6) edit student, which can edit the student’s data for accurate information; (7) delete button, which allows the administrator to delete the student’s data in case it will duplicate; and (8) audit trail, which can access what time the system will operate.



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Ampatuan, B. S. ., Amoguis, D. ., Herminigildo, J. ., Millare, N. J. ., Pades, H. ., & Cajipe, J. R. . (2020). Proposed Student Information System for Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from