Hotel and Restaurant Management System: Core Transaction II (Housekeeping and Laundry Management)


  • Irriz Ragua
  • Cathlyn Bustamante
  • Khristian Hosena
  • Nolimar Lanohan
  • Evangeline Mago
  • Erwin Concepsion


HRM system


Hotel and restaurant management is a business that provides high-quality customer service. Some hotels and restaurants use software to speed up the transaction. The tradition in housekeeping and laundry will always assure a high standard of cleanliness and courtesy of service. Manual file handling is also a major problem that causes slow processes and data loss. The developers must solve the issue and provide an accurate and user-friendly system that can be accessed by users, such as the housekeeping supervisor who is responsible for assigning floor, rooms, and tasks to the housekeeper; taking cleaning requests; and ensuring that the housekeeping maintenance was carried out following the prescribed standard and policies. The housekeeper is responsible for ensuring the task that has been done in order and ensures that all guests are comfortable, safe, and protected. Lastly, a laundry supervisor shall direct, lead, monitor, and control all activities covering linen and laundry service. The developers used the agile scrum methodology that helps us from the start to the end of the project. This methodology advocates the proponents from planning. At the start of the sprint, the developers provided the project plan, sprint burn-down chart, and sprint output. The researchers also planned every single day to track the progress of every sprint. The product owner ensured that all the backlogs of the system were captured. After the system was created, there was a gradual change, especially in throwing data into another module where the data comes from. The process was messed up, but the proponents continued. In a short time, the scrum of every group collaborated and made decisions to solve the problem. The proponents experienced a slow connection in presentation but still made it successful. The developers came up with findings and conclusions and recommended to the hotel. The researchers also provided a system that can monitor and control the status of the room, laundries, and linens; improve efficiency; and expand opportunities. The system can avoid human error and track every detail of transactions and improve data security. Core II Housekeeping and Laundry Management concluded that Skyline Hotel and Restaurant Management System has a considerable impact on hotel operation. The project has a considerable impact on the proponents because of the challenges of agile scrum methodology. Therefore, the project is considered successful.



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