Inventory System for Chocol8's Hub


  • Joshua Bernard Ulay
  • Carl Kenneth Tabigne
  • Jhevie Ron Del Rosario
  • Marnel Vincent Sevillena
  • R-Jay Pornasdoro




The development of an inventory system for Chocol8’s Hub was made to establish a system that aims to solve the problem that currently exists within Chocol8’s Hub. Chocol8’s Hub is located in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City. No existing system signifies difficulty in making inventory transaction, thereby resulting in a delay in making reports. The security is also lesser with the manual inventory. Hence, keeping track of the ins and outs of products is another problem that should be considered. To solve the existing problems, the researchers proposed the development of an Inventory System of Chocol8’s Hub. The researchers conducted a meeting to brainstorm and plan about when they will start the interview. The researchers analyzed the system that they will develop, such as what the system should and should not have. The researchers analyzed the features of the system that the company needed. The researchers listed all the designs and created a checklist of what they will approve and disapprove. After deciding all features that they will put in the system, the researchers started to develop the system, learn the codes, and also analyze the problems. The researchers gave most of their time to test the system and make sure that it will be perfect and will not go wrong when used by the company. The researchers implemented the developed system. The researchers also explained and taught the client how the system works and what will be the solution if some errors will happen, unless if the problem is too much for them to handle. To maintain the good state of the system, the researchers left their contact information to the company. The researchers developed an inventory system to lessen the time needed to do inventory. The researchers also ensured the security of the system to make sure that no one can use it except for the person that has been trusted to use the system. The study aimed to manipulate the inventory processes of Chocol8’s Hub to easily monitor the products, simplify the process of making inventory reports, and generate precise inventory reports on time. Such objectives will be a huge help in maintaining an efficient flow of operations while generating fast and accurate reports needed for submission and compilation.



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Ulay, J. B. ., Tabigne, C. K. ., Del Rosario, J. R. ., Sevillena, M. V. ., & Pornasdoro, R.-J. . (2020). Inventory System for Chocol8’s Hub. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from