Inventory Management System


  • Eric Castillo
  • Jomar Mendez
  • Emedio Padecio
  • Joemel Nabua
  • Noel Larida
  • Rosauro Villalon Jr.


fast stock, dead stock


The hotel and restaurant inventory management system is a hive of numerous functions such as adding suppliers, creating a category for the stock, purchasing and ordering items, and generating reports. The main focus of the inventory is the kitchen and bar, which have all the supplies needed for hotel and restaurant management. The inventory management's main focus is to locate and monitor the current supplies and their expiration dates and give the up-to-date counts of stocks of each category or item that the company has. The researchers used agile software development methodology, which is a conceptual framework for undertaking software engineering projects; there are several agile software development methodologies. Agile methods emphasize real-time communication, preferably face-to-face over written documents. Agile methodology is an “umbrella term” for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. It advocates early delivery and continual improvement to encourage rapid and flexible responses to change. The company cannot stop having problems. Thus,the development team interviewed the staff to know what problem the company may encounter. Here are the features of the development team’s system that will help the managers, clients, and staff to properly process the work of the company. Supply and demand need delicate balance, and inventory management hopes to ensure that balance is undisturbed.



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