Benefits of Good Quality Service in Customer Engagement in Selected Fast Food Chain in Quezon City

Vol.4, No.1


  • Bernadette Bernacer Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Rosedell Fuentes Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Ma Cristina Marquez Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Mark Ian Siena Bestlink College of the Philippines


Hospitality Management


In this study, the researchers are trying to investigate the benefits of good quality service in
customer engagement in selected fast food chains in Quezon City. This is how the company
creates a relationship with its customers. This study was conducted in order to investigate the
degree of satisfaction level of customers after experiencing fast food service located in
Quezon City. Fast food Chain is one of the most successful businesses in the Industry. A fast-
food restaurant, also known as a quick-service restaurant (QSR) in the industry, is a specific
type of restaurant that serves fast-food meals. It operates and provides standardized
ingredients and/or partially prepared foods. Fast food is one of the fastest growing industries
in the world, so today’s generation of people is aiming to have a food business with a new and
unique taste to the people; people are likely fans of eating foods that are new to them. But on
behalf of that there are some issues spreading about services and safety of food some fast
food is dealing many complaints from their customers because of bad service, not
approachable, the way the employee talk to their customers, and not granting the request of
the guest. This kind of service will affect the company. On the other hand, some fast food
companies provide good quality service to their customers because they know that it will
benefit them. They provide the best service they can. In order to provide good quality service,
the industry should make efforts to make service quality a benchmark for every customer to
gain a competitive advantage in the restaurant market.

Some of the customers encountered good service, and some of them didn’t. Based on the
analysis, it was discovered that most of the respondents said that the fast food chain lacks
quality service when it comes to providing standard products to the customers. They must
change and improve their service for the satisfaction of the customers who eat in their store.
Therefore, the overall results of the survey, the store should focus on providing quality
products and prioritize the needs of the customers. Accuracy and consistency of the
employees towards their customers are the best practices to have successful quality service.

Based on the conclusions presented, this study came up with the discussion to recommend
the best way to improve the negative feedback of the customers; this fast food lacks providing
good quality products on time; therefore, the customers didn’t reach the satisfaction that they
expect to happen. Especially based on the findings of the analysis, the store is more focused
on having Gen Z and Millennial customers. Nowadays, this generation is eager to get what
they deserve when money and food are involved. Also, the store should put more effort into
approaching the customers so they feel they are valued. Feedback is helpful. It is the best way
to know the wants and dislikes of the customers to avoid complaints.




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