Proposed School Inventory System for Goodwill Elementary School


  • Renz Maverick Agapito
  • Marc Vincent Leomo
  • Michael John Frits Regondola
  • Michael Baino Jr.
  • Robert James Carino
  • Joel Cajipe


inventory system


Stock keeping and checking are some of the major components of any business organization. A user-friendly computerized inventory system was developed for Goodwill Elementary School. The proposed system may help enhance the department in monitoring and managing the stocks of the inventory. Our project focused on improving the school inventory of Goodwill Elementary School into a higher level of processing. The proponents used structured analysis or methodology as a guide in making the proposed system, that is, the systems development life cycle. The proponents concluded that the system is fully operational and dynamic based on the sum of data gathered. This condition is on the premise that it has addressed the necessary automation requirement of the firm after a thorough system study. The system is strong enough to withstand regressive daily operations under conditions where the database is maintained and cleared over a certain time of processing. The researchers completed the school inventory system a functional and accessible recording process for Goodwill Elementary School. The project must undergo a higher level of research to upgrade the system by including other functions of the system and achieve the higher value of the project. The project can be used as a reference for future researchers who will conduct research related to the school inventory system.



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