Library System


  • Danny Mae Pucol
  • Arvin Cubalan
  • Nathaniel Penones
  • Jaymark Bartido
  • Denmark Midua
  • Alejandro Adovas


library, library system, books


The library system is designed to help the users to maintain and organize the library. It is designed to help the librarian, students, and teachers borrow and returned books in the fastest way. The basic operation in a library system is adding new members and books, updating new information, and searching books for members and faculties borrowing and returning books. The purpose of the system in the Deparo High School is to provide an entire functioning computerized library system. One main purpose is to provide the user or the library staff the opportunity to search and check the availability of books. The researchers first determined who will be their client. The researchers started to gather interviews and observations to the Deparo High School, which was the selected client. The researchers observed how the manual library system of Deparo High School works and also interviewed the librarian to gather data on their system. The method that the researchers used was the systems development life cycle waterfall model, which is the process used by the software industry to design, develop, andtest high-quality software. The researchers used this method because of its simplicity and ease of use. The research was successful; Deparo High School’s library system became easier to use by using a computerized library system instead of a manual library system. The records of books became more well-structured and safe from being misplaced, the security of the library is well-secured by the use of a login account. The searching of books of the students became easy because of the use of the search button; even if the records are lost, the system had backup data that can recover the data loss. A computerized library system helps the work in the library quicker and can save time. A computerized library system can make the processes in the library easier, more secure, faster, and simple to use. Based on the research findings, the system that was implemented in Deparo High School is successful. This study also made their process easier by using the developed program. However, this system had a flaw; the researchers did not include how to reserve books to borrow and any printable form or module. Thus, the researchers recommended that future researchers should include a reservation form and a printable form for the school.



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Pucol, D. M. ., Cubalan, A. ., Penones, N. ., Bartido, J. ., Midua, D. ., & Adovas, A. . (2020). Library System. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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