Library System for Bagong Silang Elementary School


  • Mark Andrei Roldan
  • Lorelyn Dagohoy
  • Elias Padit
  • Dave Morris
  • Nireco Abaratiguie
  • John Mark Tariman
  • David Jaurigue




The library system is all about organizing and managing the library. It also involves maintaining the database of entering new books and the record of books that have been retrieved or issue with their respective dates. The main aim of this project is to provide an easy-to-handle and easy-to-use system. This project also provides features interface for maintaining librarian records and students’ history of the issue. The client can easily update, delete, and insert data in the database with this project. The researchers used the waterfall method and followed the systems development life cycle to create the system. The first stage is planning; the researchers planned on how to access the whole process of the system. The researchers gathered data by interviewing the client. The second stage is analysis; the researchers determined the problems of their client and then analyzed how to address them. The researchers created a detailed functional requirement document. The researchers also transform detailed requirements into a complete, detailed system design document that focuses on how to deliver the required functionality. In the testing stage, the researchers demonstrated that the developed system conforms to requirements as specified in the functional requirements document. In the implementation stage, the researchers implemented the system for the client. In the deployment stage, once the functional and non-functional testing was done, the system was deployed to the client. Lastly, in the maintenance stage, the researchers offered to maintain the library system in a production environment, including post-implementation and in-process review. The result of the system is possibly success or failure. If the system is successful, then the library of Bagong Silang Elementary School will have easy transactions and can operate by using an offline library system. The library system is the key to make the library function, especially to organize and manage books. It is a tool to make librarians’ work easy. The use of the offline library system can manage all occurrences in the library. Book transactions, including book searching, availability of the book details, and appearance of the book, can be easily handled by the system.



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Roldan, M. A. ., Dagohoy, L. ., Padit, E. ., Morris, D. ., Abaratiguie, N. ., Tariman, J. M. ., & Jaurigue, D. . (2020). Library System for Bagong Silang Elementary School. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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