Grading System for Caloocan North Elementary School


  • Rodel Anteja
  • Linden Enaje
  • John Paul Robert Boticario
  • Reynelyn Gelua
  • Jemarie Baguhin
  • Alejandro Adovas


grading, SDLC, system, developers, Microsoft Excel, programming


Technology is widely used in our generation; it makes our life easy and reduces the working time. Technology is important in our era because it is commonly used in any country and can be used by everyone. Thus, the researchers created a computerized grading system that enhances the capability of Microsoft Excel that the teachers in Caloocan North Elementary School are currently using. The computerized grading system had features that Microsoft Excel also have, but developers enhanced these features and added login form, login history, audit trail, and registration form for new users. The proposed grading system for Caloocan North Elementary School had a user-friendly interface and main form. The researchers used the systems development life cycle (SDLC) method in developing the computerized grading system for Caloocan North Elementary School. SDLC waterfall method helped the researchers in data gathering, interviewing, making their GUI, and designing. SDLC is a system that ensures the quality and correctness of the software built. SDLC waterfall method is more useful because it has the idea that users can easily understand. This method can explain the methods step by step and is direct to the point. The computerized grading system that the developers created had features that their current the system did not have, such as the login form, which can secure data and avoid unauthorized access to the system. Developers also added an audit trail that can monitor the user’s activity in the system; it can monitor the login time-in and time-out. The system also had a registration form to facilitate creating accounts for new users that can use the system. However, to create another account, the admin or moderator of the user should permit to monitor the new user. The researchers upgraded their current system to be more secure and accurate. Our computerized grading system had a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. New users will attend seminars and orientation to use the system properly and guide them to their new platform of computing the grades of the students. This system improved the grading system because developers added new features that made it more convenient.



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Anteja, R. ., Enaje, L. ., Boticario, J. P. R. ., Gelua, R. ., Baguhin, J. ., & Adovas, A. . (2020). Grading System for Caloocan North Elementary School. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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