Improvement of Grading System in Bestlink College of the Philippines for Senior High School Faculty in ICT Strand by Using Accessible Program


  • Arianne April Regencia
  • John Carl Aguibay
  • Andrei Rizen Quidlat
  • Olive Sabeniano
  • John Allester Tiu
  • Engr. Joel Cajipe


computerized grading system, Bestlink College of the Philippines


Bestlink College of the Philippines has a computerized grading system. All grades will be based on the weighted raw score of the students’ summative assessments. The minimum Grade needed to pass a specific learning area is 60, which is transmuted to 75 in the report card. The lowest mark that can appear on the report card is 60 for quarterly and final grades. However, the problem that we encountered was that the formulas were not functioning well, thereby affecting the performance of the client. The purpose of this system was to help Grade 12 Senior High School teachers in encoding and computing the grades of their students. This application can secure the data from unknown users and store thousands of data. This system will provide an accurate and reliable output of grades for the better future of senior high school students. Students and teachers will have a difficult time having a basis for their performances. The systems development life cycle method was used. We gathered information from Grade 12 teachers through survey questionnaires and interviewed them for clarification. We analyzed the need of the client to ensure that the new system can meet their expectation. Before implementing the proposed system, the client will choose whether they will use the system or continue using their current grading system. Our client perceived the following problems with the current grading system: 1) lack of security and 2) errors in several formulas. Our proposed system had a security feature, of which the admin and the teachers are the users by using the login system by entering their username and password. In general, our proposed system used MySQLyog for database and Java as the programming language. The proposed system was simple, interactive, and had a user-friendly interface; even those with minimal or no knowledge about working with computers can easily operate it. The results demonstrated the need to improve the current grading system to help the users in encoding and computing grades. The parallel conversion was the selected service transition. Thus, the client will choose whether they will continue using the current grading system or they will use the proposed system. Future researchers can improve this system further to provide a more secure and reliable system.



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Regencia, A. A. ., Aguibay, J. C. ., Quidlat, A. R. ., Sabeniano, O. ., Tiu, J. A. ., & Cajipe, E. J. . (2020). Improvement of Grading System in Bestlink College of the Philippines for Senior High School Faculty in ICT Strand by Using Accessible Program. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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