Admission System at Batasan Hills National High School for All Students


  • Rose Min Salamat
  • Mike Vaay
  • Jeline Delena
  • Marco Corpuz
  • Alvincent Gonzales
  • Lynden Escasinas
  • Engr. Joel Cajipe


Batasan Hills National High School, computerized admission system


The admission system is the process of getting a requirement for school registration. Previously, admission is a manual process. In this research, we created a computerized admission system for Grade 10 students at Batasan Hills National High School. As a part of the admission process,the students will be required to fill out some basic application paperwork, which will include their personal information and high school activities, such as extracurricular activities they participated in. An interview will be conducted for admission if necessary. A student may be interviewed in some cases, but it is generally not required for undergraduate admission. Some schools will be willing to schedule a student admissions interview upon request. International students may find a student interview important. The systems development life cycle for approach and methodology was used in this study. We gathered the information from Batasan Hills National High School through an interview for clarification. Thus, we analyzed the process of their admission of the student to ensure that the new system can meet their expectations. Before implementing our system, we asked them to choose whether they will use it or if they will stick to their old system. The result of our system was good, and our client was impressed with our system because using their old system, 1) it is hard to get the information of the client or students, and 2) processing the requirements takes at least 1 week or more. However, our system reduced the manpower needed to perform all admission tasks by reducing the paper works needed and making activities such as updating modification and deleting records easier. We developed the system to improve the school’s policy and rules in the admission system because Batasan Hills National High School lacks a security system. The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in academic institutes are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body to manage and arrange the admission process manually. In our system, we prepared a backup for the new data in case our system has an error. As a rule, no public schools shall refuse admissions or shall allow delisting of Filipino pupils/students for any of the reasons cited above.



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Salamat, R. M. ., Vaay, M. ., Delena, J. ., Corpuz, M. ., Gonzales, A. ., Escasinas, L. ., & Cajipe, E. J. . (2020). Admission System at Batasan Hills National High School for All Students. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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