Establishing Local Area Network in Library at Bestlink College of the Philippines MV Campus


  • Tricha Maie Canja
  • Babylyn Balallo
  • Rose Ann Dela Rosa
  • Jeremy Fuentes
  • Joash Russel Ombina
  • Engr. Joel Cajipe


establish, libraries, local area network, sharing


Technologies are now rapidly growing, and traditional libraries take more time to transfer data from one place to another. School libraries are adapting to deal with change within a year by establishing local area network (LAN) libraries, which helps them to work easily, save time, and smoothen the processes of the services. This research used a development cycle with seven phases. We interviewed the office-in-charge in the library. In this project, the tools we used to gather information were interviews and survey questionnaires, which gathered more information about when people use libraries and the accessible information in the library. This research created an opportunity to expand information resources, hasten transactions between each computer, and does not have taken any threat when a flash drive is used to share data. The established LAN can allow people to work together on projects. The hardware can make a network, and the software application can access the computers. The server can manage files, request, or deliver the data to other computers connected and can share a peripheral device that is connected and controlled by the server. The low-cost computers, along with the need to share information and hardware resources in an office environment, lead the development of an inexpensive LAN. LAN can grow for future purposes, the data can be sent to several people to work on the project, and it shares one peripheral device than buying a peripheral for every computer.



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Canja, T. M. ., Balallo, B. ., Dela Rosa, R. A. ., Fuentes, J. ., Ombina, J. R. ., & Cajipe, E. J. . (2020). Establishing Local Area Network in Library at Bestlink College of the Philippines MV Campus. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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