Recording of Grades for Tala High School


  • Jhunellyn Mahinay
  • Rochene Maricon Nacional
  • Anna May Aniano
  • Angelino Obero
  • Leigh John Deblois
  • Alejandro Adovas


grading, computerized, information system, programming, ICT


Using a computerized and user-friendly grading system is extremely convenient to use for computing grades in Tala High School. Hence, the researchers developed a system to resolve several problems that Tala High School encounter in their current system. The methodology that the researchers used was the systems development life cycle to improve the quality of the software and overall process. The first stage was planning to make the entire project, analyze the problems and come up with a possible solution, designing and developing the whole system, testing the finished system for the implementation to the client, and maintaining the quality of the system. The grading system can decrease the problems; it can help in computing the grades of Tala High School students accurately by using the programmed fixed formula in the proposed recording of grades system. The proposed system was also user-friendly to diminish misunderstanding because of unfamiliarity with the system. The system was more efficient in terms of sorting and finding records instead of using Microsoft Excel and had a simple process, thereby making it easy to use. The students of Bestlink College of the Philippines developed a hassle-free, accurate, and easy-to-use computerized grading system for Tala High School because the teachers of Tala High School are currently using Microsoft Excel.



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Mahinay, J. ., Nacional, R. M. ., Aniano, A. M. ., Obero, A. ., Deblois, L. J. ., & Adovas, A. . (2020). Recording of Grades for Tala High School. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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