Library Management System for Novaliches High School


  • Dave Ulep
  • Micheal Angelo Uy
  • Limuel Dalida
  • Icone Castro
  • John Mark Encarnation
  • Rjay Pornasdoro


This system will develop the library into a modernized place to collect and find sources not only to follow the trend but to encourage the students in the library.This system may help the users in tracking the available reading materials. This system is not only for the users but also for the librarian to easily monitor users with overdue books. This system was designed for easy and fast access of logging in and out of users and secure the records, and the librarian can receive a message from the users. This system may give an advantage to Novaliches High School among other schools. The library management system was designed and implemented using the Visual Studio and My SQL database. The system was developed using the systems development life cycle (SDLC). The researchers used the SDLC to plan the project. The SDLC is useful in making a project because without it, the format or the order of making the project will be messy. In the visual studio, the researchers created a system that starts with logging for the admin to use the system. After logging in, the admin will manage book transactions. Managing books refers to managing the books or reading materials that were borrowed or returned in the library. This function is important to monitor the in and out of the books from the library. This project was successful, and all the features or buttons in the system were functional and can be used by the client anytime in the library. Many students will easily borrow books and other academic or nonacademic reading materials. The results showed that the system should be improved to cater to the students’ necessity because the library management system focused on their demands and wants. The library management system in the library, specifically in Novaliches High School, was extremely useful, safe, and friendly. This system can also help the administration, facilitators, students, educators, and other employees, as well as people who use the library in the mentioned school.



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Ulep, D. ., Uy, M. A. ., Dalida, L. ., Castro, I. ., Encarnation, J. M. ., & Pornasdoro, R. . (2020). Library Management System for Novaliches High School. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from