Hotel and Restaurant Management System -Human Resource 4


  • Glenn Archer Alonzo
  • Jeremie Bangisan
  • Marie Antonette Ledesma
  • Alejandro Martinez
  • Honey Rose Ann Opena
  • Jordan Cabading


Enterprise information system, agile scrum methodology, cloud-based system, online-based, rate-based and record-based system, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Human Resource IV is one of the fundamental structures that cycle human resource as a whole. For companies and institutions, Payroll, Compensation Planning, and Administration take a vital role in computing salaries of every institutional body involved in a company. In Bestlink College of the Philippines, a cloud-based system was proposed. The hotel and restaurant management system is the given enterprise information system (EIS). The assigned module Human Resource IV is composed of five submodules, namely, payroll, compensation planning and administration, core human capital, HR analytics, and insurance benefits. The provided EIS was developed using the languages PHP, HTML, JS (JavaScript), and CSS and can be accessed through the Internet. The research team used the agile scrum methodology. First, the team interviewed the product owner about what he/she wants to be developed. The method required solutions evolved through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Second, the research team planned and created sprints to guide the development sequence. It had a series of sprints in which every sprint has a restricted time frame to develop into a functional system. Third, the research team conducted a daily stand-up meeting to deliver every progress and the downfalls of the system. Fourth, the sprints were recorded by worked hours by the research team. Fifth, the team reviewed the sprint every 2 weeks to see the progress of the group if it is achieved. The research conducted by the research team marks an opportunity to learn new things in human resources. The team encountered obstacles in completing the system in terms of unfamiliarity with the study, high complex calculations, adding and deducting compensation based on salary Grade of an employee, choosing the right chart for analytics that can be easily understood, and generating payroll automatically based on the system timesheet. As a result, the team created an auto-generated payroll, rate-based compensation, employee information system, human resource statistics, and insurance tracking that will help the current human resource industry to innovate processes into a fast-growing industry. Based on the results, the proponents showed the possibilities of creating a system that can help motivate young aspiring innovators. The use of a cloud-based system reformed the IT industry and upgraded students in innovating simple ideas into a finer community



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