Room Rate Management


  • Jan Christian Japitana
  • Jaypee Cardines
  • Maria Clipse Debil
  • John Kevin Jamot
  • Vence Pelovello
  • Christopher Lee Villablanca


HMS, standard room rate, seasonal room rate, rate tariff


A hotel management system (HMS) facilitates the management of hotel operations and function that provides quality and standard services to the customers. One of the subsystems that are included in HMS is room rate management, which generates a particular rate of rooms and ensures that there is appropriate rate parity across all selling and distribution channels. The three submodules are standard room rate, seasonal rate, and room rate tariff. Standard room rate discusses creating the normal price of a room where the hotel charges the customer. Seasonal room rate is those that undergo alteration from the standard room rate or the basic price during the specific event a year or a certain season. An example is a rate that is typically higher because the particular destination is desirable; however, the price should drop to encourage more guests. The seasonal rate is generally categorized. Peak season demands the highest room occupancy, and low season is when the demand for a room is low. Lastly, the room rate tariff is needed by the marketing team to provide detailed information about rooms and services along with their rates. The developer used the agile scrum methodology that is relevant, systematically approached used by the developer with less, and reduces the overall risk in software development. The developer marked a plan and conducted a preliminary investigation through interviews and gathered information through the Internet. In terms of the interface, the selected member of the developer team designed different phases of the user interface and developed and settled up the codes for all data entry up to the procedural process. The proposed system was tested and analyzed; the system met the accurate output. As the result of system development, the system fulfilled the need or the concerning the improvement of the existing system. The room rate management system was useful to users. Otherwise, the system development served as the basis for the future researcher’s related topic. The developer team concluded that the proposed system will satisfy and benefit both HMS: Core 3 Room Rate Management and guests. For the convenient use of the system, the developer team assured the users that all the performing works were done automatically and systematically through the agile methodology.



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