Booking and Reservation System


  • Vince Renzell Fernandez
  • Larry Edejer
  • Francis Ann Epino
  • Rojun Gumop As
  • Ervin Lester Sebastian
  • Christopher Lee Villablanca


HRMS, submodule, agile


A hotel and restaurant management system is software that helps carry out the tasks that should be done in the hospitality industry. Booking Reservation System manages all the guests who want to book or reserve a hotel or a restaurant. Booking Reservation has submodules, such as guest monitoring, general reports, booking reservation, facilities, and events. Guest monitoring is the process where you can monitor all the guests who booked or reserved in a hotel and restaurant; it can also approve or cancel a particular guest. A general report is where you can report all the transactions that happened in booking a reservation. Booking reservation is the process where you can book or reserve for a certain guest who wants to book or reserve a room, facilities, or events. The facilities submodule is where you can see all the available facilities in the hotel and restaurant management system. In the events submodule, one can see all the available events in the hotel and restaurant management system. The agile approach was used to build a proposed system. The developer team initialized requirement analysis to gather data and conducted a formal consultation that helped in building the idea for the proposed system. Document Design and Prototype designed the phase into a plan as the solution for the problems specified by the requirements of the proposed system. Iterations, demo, and feedback in this phase are the specific needs and wants of the company. Identify defects and resolved bugs in this phase are needed to determine if the function reached the requirement. The production and technical support of the proposed system indicate that it must completely function. The development team has created a system where the hotel and restaurant management system, booking reservation system, and the guest will benefit. For the booking reservation system, the system is created by the developers to speed things up in terms of booking and reservation and to determine who the people who booked/reserved are. For the guest, the developer team carefully studied how the developer team can meet the guest’s needs. As a result, the developer team successfully provided what the user needed to do his/her daily work activities. The developer team created a well-designed system to provide the needs and perform the daily work of the user. The CRM should manage the needs of the guest, and the developer provides those needs. However, this project study is still working in progress and has many aspects that can be improved. Future researchers can use this project study as a basis for the study. Researchers can also upgrade the system in the future.



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