Hotel Facilities Management System


  • Adrian Tirador
  • Jelmar Bruzo
  • Angelou Echon
  • Darren Laylay
  • Christopher Lee Villablanca


hotel facilities management system, agile, scrum master


The hotel and restaurant management system (HRMS) is a software application that helped carry out the tasks that should be accomplished in the hospitality industry. The HRMS has modules, such as human Resources, Logistics, Finance, and Core. The HRMS is a subsystem where you can manage and monitor every facility of the hotel. This subsystem is a part of Core 3 in the Core module. The five subsystems of the hotel facilities management system are Management, Monitoring, Report, Inventory, and History. Management refers to managing the facilities where you can change the status, add facilities, and edit the information about the facility. Monitoring refers to monitoring the facilities where you can check the condition of facilities. The report refers to creating the report for another submodule that can help maintain the good condition of the facility. Inventory is the itemization of all items in the facility and categories of amenities. History refers to have records of all log-ins in the system. The developer created the hotel facilities management system by the use of the agile methodology. The developer identified all the processes of another submodule to collaborate ideas of each member; each member has to finish the task assigned by the scrum master within 2 weeks. Each completed task of the lead programmers has to give a function to deploy the completed system. The developer deployed the created system by the use of the agile methodology in good condition, complete function, and finest state before the due date. The developer concluded that the use of agile methodology is helpful to fine-tune the submodules of the hotel facilities management system.



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Tirador, A. ., Bruzo, J. ., Echon, A. ., Laylay, D. ., & Villablanca, C. L. . (2020). Hotel Facilities Management System. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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