Customer Relationship Management


  • Arneil Nuay
  • Jerico Nacario
  • Ronstadt Tabianan
  • Arvin Abarcar
  • Richard Salvame
  • Christopher Lee Villablanca


newsletter, guest loyalty, guest profile, complaint


A hotel restaurant management system (HRMS) is a business that caters to the different needs and wants of the guests. The subsystem of customer relationship management (CRM) manages the guests’ needs, such as complaints, promos, events, and discounts. CRM has sub-modules, such as newsletter, guest profile, guest loyalty, complaints, guest database, travel agent/corporate database, and SMS and email notification. A newsletter is a way to show the customer current activities and promotions. The guest profile shows the record of the guests. A guest database stores the basic information of the guest. Guest loyaltyis the strategy to have more guests. The travel agent/corporate database is the list of third-party agents on the hotel. SMS and email notification are the way to communicate to the guests by giving those newsletters for upcoming events and promotions and sending feedback about the action of the complaints. A complaint is the recording of dissatisfaction of guests about their experience, facility, and service of the hotel. The agile method was used to build the proposed system. The developer team initialized requirement analysis to gather data and conducted a formal consultation that helped in building idea the proposed system. Document and prototype design was used to plan a solution for the problems specified by the requirements of the proposed system. Iterations, demo, and feedback in this phased the specific needs and wants of the company. Identify defects and resolved bugs determined if the function reached the requirement. The production and technical support of the proposed system must be completely functional. As a result, the developer team successfully provided what the client needs to do their daily activities. The developer team created a well-designed system to give the needed features and perform the daily work of the user. The CRM should manage the needs of the guest, and the developer provides those needs. This project study is still a work in progress and has many ways to be improved. Future researchers can use this project study as a basis for this study. The developer team created the proposed system where HRMSCore Part 3 CRM and guests will benefit. Agile methodology helped lessen the time consumed for developing a stage of the proposed system. As a result, the developer team created a proposed system with completely functional features.



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