Biteful House


  • Diana Jean Pajantoy
  • Danica Colina
  • Jennica Payad
  • Valerie Fabe
  • Desiree Alamag
  • Dana France Ignacio, Ph.D.


brainstorming, dessert, experimental tasting, field survey, frappe, tofu, market demand


Dessert is a course that concludes a meal. Dessert generally consists of sweet foods. The researchers want to add something extra with the dessert by using taho or tofu as ingredients. The primary target of this feasibility study includes, but is not limited to, students from different schools in Caloocan City and residents in the area. Biteful House is located in Avante Commercial Town House, Block 1, Caloocan City. The researchers came up with the idea of Biteful House because the researchers want to offer new products to the market. Biteful House will have a starting capital of P1 million. The researchers conducted a field survey in Bagumbong, Caloocan City where the proposed business will be located. The information gathered from the respondents is interpreted and will be used as a cornerstone for the product, price, place, and promotion for the business. The researchers did some experimental tasting of the products, particularly taho cheesecake. A total of 50 random people were surveyed to get their suggestions and opinions about the products. Afterward, group discussions and brainstorming were initialized. Based on the survey conducted, 38% of the respondents often buy desserts 5 to 6 times a week. A total of 68% of the respondents buy desserts in a dessert shop because it offers a variety of products to choose from. The majority of the clients prefer chocolates. A total of 46% of the respondents are willing to spend between P100 and P200 for dessert due to the tight budget. Meanwhile, the results of the survey showed that Biteful House’s proposed location is very accessible to people. Biteful is a snappy and charming play of the words,“bite” and “full.” The researchers used “bite” because people bite the food when eating. The word “full” means being satisfied. Biteful is attractive and instantly recognizable, which can fit a broad range of food brands. The researchers used the logo of a piece of cake as a symbol of ease and pleasure, which is well-represented in the language. The study proved that desserts with taho or tofu are feasible because most people eat dessert and eat taho as a snack. The results of this study proved that the product is accepted by children and adults and the product is feasible for business. Technical and financial viability should be improved to help the business grow.



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Pajantoy, D. J. ., Colina, D. ., Payad, J. ., Fabe, V. ., Alamag, D. ., & Ignacio, Ph.D., D. F. . (2020). Biteful House. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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