Feasibility Study on Establishment of Rejuvenate Spa in P. Tuazon, Quezon City


  • Rina Joy Davalos
  • Rosanna Lete
  • Abigail Macaraeg
  • Russel Salonga
  • Angelika Verador
  • Dana France Ignacio, Ph.D.


aroma, antidepressant, brand awareness, detox, feasibility, general partnership, massage, rejuvenate, spa


The spa has the primary purpose of providing individual services and treatment for spa-seeking clients, with a focus on health and experiences the touch of healing. The spa offers services such as massage therapy and facial. A spa offers different treatments, with natural massage and some other treatments that you can experience. Despite difficult economic times, some people make time to relax and are willing to prioritize their spending knowing that a healthy body and mind are important. In matters related to personal service, a well-designed concept is a key to a successful business. The caring touch of skilled therapists’ hands in the body benefits beyond the physical. Rejuvenate means fresh or become livelier; thus, rejuvenate is something to feel and look younger for the possible customer who needs pampering. The researchers decided to use the business name is “REJUVENATE” to make clients feel younger, fresher, and livelier. “SPA” is a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through means such as feel steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage. To determine service acceptance by the customer, the researchers surveyed the respondents to measure the service probability in succeeding in the business industry. The researchers surveyed the respondents to get the statement of the respondents and to get an idea of how to help the study. The survey contained a question to be answered by the respondents’ service acceptance. The study grew and become successful with the help of other resources that added additional information about the concept to broaden the knowledge of the researchers about the spa business. According to the survey, aromatherapy massage is the best choice among the respondents as it provides emotional healing components while having a massage. It boosts the mood and reduces stress and anxiety. It even reduces symptoms of depression. This type of massage combines soft, gentle pressure with the use of essential oil. Thai massage takes the second choice among the respondents. This therapy is not oil-based; it deals with stretching the legs by applying pressure on the entire back by using the palm. The researchers proved that spas can be of help to all people who work every day and need some break for body treatment, health and emotional enhancement, massage, bodywork, and energy work through relaxation. Rejuvenate spa is forecasted to have a 10% increase in service revenue annually.



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Davalos, R. J. ., Lete, R. ., Macaraeg, A. ., Salonga, R. ., Verador, A. ., & Ignacio, Ph.D., D. F. . (2020). Feasibility Study on Establishment of Rejuvenate Spa in P. Tuazon, Quezon City. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1919

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