Assessment of Marketability Level of Choco Mango Suman in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Mary Jamaica Rendon
  • Jeffrey Lachica
  • John Carlos Collera
  • Aljon Calde
  • Rhissa Sacay
  • Ricalyn San Esteban
  • Alice Tolato


desserts, marketability


The Philippines is not only known for its beautiful scenery and the friendliness of its people; it is also known for its delicious food. Among these foods are “kakanin,” which are native delicacies that are served as desserts. No Filipino celebrations are complete without these desserts. People who are classified as “senior citizens” know how to make kakanin as they already became part of Philippine traditions. Suman is a common delicacy in the Philippines. Suman has many variations in terms of taste, look,and shape; some suman is small, while some are large. Thus, our group made a variety of suman and called it “choco mango suman.” We thought that choco mango suman is appealing due to its uniqueness and will be delicious to eat for many people. As Home Economics(HE)students, we can do our best to make this product. This study focused on the assessment of Grade 12 HEStrandstudents and teachers. Using the experimental research design, we assessed the marketability of choco mango suman. Five variables, such as taste, aroma, nutritional value, presentation, and competitiveness, were identified and assessed. The data were gathered by distributing questionnaires to randomly selected respondents from the experts and students in the Home Economic Strand in BCP, in which each sample has an equal probability of being chosen to have unbiased results. The results of the study revealed the marketability of choco mango suman in terms of several variables. In terms of taste, the chocolate tasted slightly sour due to mango. In terms of aroma, the product had a distinctive scent that can boost one’s appetite. Presentation is important because it deals with whether the product will catch the eye of the consumer at first look. In terms of nutritional value, chocolate and mango are a good combination because mango has vitamins. Competitiveness is the ability of the product to deliver a better value of satisfaction to customers compared with the competitors. The results demonstrated that the marketability of choco mango suman will depend on the variables mentioned above. The product mainly gives a different perspective from the commonly known way of using the main ingredients. Choco mango suman turns into a healthy dessert. The product needs to continuously seek for improvement to maintain its good quality and become fully developed to compete with other existing products and have a high percentage of marketability.



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Rendon, M. J. ., Lachica, J. ., Collera, J. C. ., Calde, A. ., Sacay, R. ., Esteban, R. S. ., & Tolato, A. . (2020). Assessment of Marketability Level of Choco Mango Suman in Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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