Level of Acceptability of Banana Yema


  • Margarita Lendio
  • Fenialyn Alegre
  • Erica Delarosa
  • Jezrel Baroro
  • Joana Marie Dasallas
  • Shiella Mar Sumale
  • Rosally Marcelo


banana, yema


The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit. This mineral is known for its numerous health benefits; it regulates heartbeat and blood pressure and keeps the brain alert. Therefore, make sure to add bananas to your daily diet to keep your heart and brain healthy and stabilize blood pressure. Desserts also rely heavily on sugar or other ingredients that we know are not good for us. Hence, the good feeling we get from eating desserts quickly turns into guilt. Yema is a sweet concoction made with milk and egg yolk. Back in the Middle Ages, the citizens of Avila, Spain enjoyed a pastry called Yemas de Egg Yolks of St. Teresa, which was named after the town’s patron saint. The nuns at the Santa Teresa de Avila convent used to take in people’s laundry and used egg whites to wash starch clothing before the advent of detergent and fabric spray. The researchers surveyed 60 participants including 10 HE teachers and 50 students. This work is a product study that can serve as a direction in achieving a goal, which is to sell this product and help customers become more aware of this new yema trend that substitutes milk and sugar products to gather information for future references. Generally, the assessment of students had a weighted mean of 3.50 in terms of taste, 3.50 in terms of aroma, 3.00 in terms of nutrition value, and 3.50 in terms of presentation, and its total composite weighted mean was 4.00, with the verbal interpretation of strongly agree. Generally, the assessment of the teachers had a composited mean of 3.8 in terms of taste, 4.0 in terms of aroma, 3.75 in terms of nutritional value, and 3.50 in presentation, and it had a total composite weighted mean of 4.45, with the verbal interpretation of strongly agree. The researchers recommended the production of banana yema.



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